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Universal design is the concept of making businesses and homes accessible for everyone no matter their age, size, or ability/disability. This design model assures that nobody feels stigmatized or segregated because of their differences. 


At Relion Builders, we specialize in home alterations that people need in order to live safely and independently. Our work allows homes to be accessible for everyone while still looking aesthetically pleasing.

Licensed since 1989, we have decades of experience and understand that each client has a unique set of needs. Each job is customized and unique to meet the specifications of the individual. 

95% of the work at Relion Builders is accessibility construction.

All work is performed in house. 

We take great pride in each project. and know you will agree, look no further.

Welcome home.

Image by Zachary Kyra-Derksen

Licensed Contractor Daniel Miller

Daniel has been a licensed contractor since 1989, beginning in California before moving to Arizona. Throughout his life, Daniel's father had ALS, his mother had Alzheimer's, and his mother-in-law had Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Watching those he loved battle these conditions, he was inspired to specialize in accessibility remodeling. 
"In all of the construction work I have done over the years, I've found that this is the most gratifying field to be in. It is amazing work to be able to help people with home modifications that they need to live independently."

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